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     Sustainable  Coils is your best source for quality custom coils as well as our featured stock replacement coils. We offer a full range of 2, 3 and 4 row replacement coils manufactured to your specifications. All of our evaporator coils utilize UNIGUARD  copper alloy tubing to enhance the life of the coil.

     We always publish the internal refrigerant volume of our stock coils so that you can verify your application if you are replacing a heat pump coil. The internal refrigerant volume of the replacement coil for a heat pump coil must be within 5% of the coil you are replacing for the outdoor unit to function properly in the heating cycle. If one of our stock coils does not conform to this percentage, please contact us to help you determine the IRV you need so that we can design the right coil for your application.

We manufacture the following types of replacement coils:

Cased Coils: We offer a cased version of our replacement A-coils for those applications that need the coil and plenum replaced.  We wrap our quality replacement A-coils in a 22 gauge G-90 galvanized enclosure that is insulated with premium foil backed insulation.  The cabinets are sized to fit standard furnance widths, and the one piece access panel is heal-punched for easy removal to eliminate the disconnectioning of line sets or drain connections during future cleaning or maintenance requirements.  To view the 10A Series cased options, please click cased coil PDF

Mobile Home Coils: We offer 2 thru 5 ton mobile home coils utilizing our stock coil slabs with sweat mobile home connections and drain pans sized for mobile home applications. To view a specification sheet for our Mobile Home Coil, please click the Mobile Home Coil PDF

Stock HS Series Horizontal Slab Coils:  Sustainable Coils keeps a small inventory of Horizontal Slab Coils (HS Series) available for horizontal applications that utilize transitions. To view a specification sheet for our HS Horizontal Coils, please click the HS Series PDF

TWE Air Handler Replacement Coils:   Sustainable Coils is pleased to present an affordable solution to offer your customers for TWE Air Handler coils that have failed and are no longer in warranty.

     Our TWE replacement drop-in coils incorporate a drain pan designed to slide into the TWE Air Handler drain pan rails, and the three drain connections are properly positioned to match the existing drain connection cover plate.  The drain pan and the coil end plates are also designed to accept the existing horizontal drain pan if the air handler is used in a horizontal application.  To insure a dependable application, we manufacture the drain pan utilizing a G-90 paint grip material that is coated for rust protection and painted.

     We have also positioned the refrigerant connections to match past individual model numbers, giving you a true drop-in replacement that will line up with the refrigerant line cover plate.

     To insure compatibility for heat pump applications, we have maintained the proper internal refrigerant volumes for each model.  Current aluminum tube replacement coils that are available from the OEM have approximately 30% less internal refrigerant volum due to the increased wall thickness of aluminum tubing, which often creates problems when replacing older copper tube heat pump coils after the system goes into the heating cycle.

    Plus, all Sustainable Coils TWE drop-in replacement coils utilize UNIGUARD™ copper alloy tubing for guaranteed protection against formicary corrosion, the leading cause of coil leaks in copper tube applications.  UNIGUARD™ protection is a value added feature for contractors that prefer all aluminum coils due to past issues with formicary corrosion.

     Our TWE drop-in replacement coils carry a five year replacement warranty for added end user peace of mind, as opposed to the the one year replacement warranty currently available when using the OEM coil in a replacement application.

     We keep most of the popular sizes in stock and we can usually drop ship an individual coil within 24 hours of you order.  To insure the proper metering device for your application, some components may require installation after the order is placed and may require some final assembly and testing time.  Shipment will be confirmed at placement of order for your scheduling convenience.     

Custom Replacement Coils: With the proper information,  Sustainable Coils can custom manufacture a drop-in replacement for most applications.  We can custom manufacture a  replacement coil and size the coils internal refrigerant volume to match the existing coil that failed.  Simple contact us and we will send you a form to fill in with the necessary details needed to replicate the existing coil.  Once again this gets back to the sustainability issue of utilizing good assets to enhance the life of the system.

R- 22 and R-410A expansion valves: We offer Parker expansion valves equipped with chatleff fittings (industry standard screw on) with a .025" equalizer port connection. The valves are preset to 7-8 superheat and are adjustable. 

Pistons:  We keep a large inventory of pistons in various orifice sizes for R-22 and R-410A applications.

Plastic Drain Pans for Vertical applications: Please note that every OEM coil comes in varying fin length. Out plastic drain pans are designed for a 16" fin length, and will not work with A-coils that do not have this fin length dimension. Please contact us before ordering. 

Drain Pans for Horizontal applications: Out horizontal pans are 20.25" wide, and come in lengths of 20", 22", 26", and 29". All have dual drains on both sides of the pans. 

Custom Metal Drain Pans: We can manufacture a custom vertical or horizontal metal drain pan to your dimensions. Please contact us for further details.

            Please contact us for a Wholesale Distributor near you and discover the Sustainable Coils difference. 

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